What Weight Fly Rod For Smallmouth Bass Should You Get?

Smallmouth Bass fishes have great value to angler. Especially for people like me who have been through a lot of water activities.

My grandfather was always bringing me to different water spots and buy me different tools for fishing. He was a fishing enthusiasts. In EVERY POSSIBLE WAY! One thing that I have learned in my way from Grandpa is still one of the best lessons!

Smallmouth bass fishing is actually pretty simple. Then again, it can be a battle round. It all depends on the person holding the rod. Also, the ROD!

First and foremost, question, what weight fly rod for smallmouth bass is right?The very ideal fly rod weight for smallmouth bass should be around 6 to 7. But there are other factors that you need to consider also.

So, I won’t tell you a one-sentence answer like that. Let us be more detailed about this piece of information and actually understand the fact, why and when the case is beneficial for such weights and if not what should be your following steps.

Let’ go deeper!

Slowing Down, Need to Understand Bass!

I know, we are talking about weights and rods. Of course, we would talk about that. But I don’t want beginners to be confused about little things that I’ll casually talk about. So, let me make sure all of you actually has a pretty good idea about the star for tonight’s topic, bass fish!

Understand about few features regarding bass fishes. This will make things easier. No matter what type of fly-fishing gear you get, basses have aggressiveness that it will show. This is going to happen! They can very well tackle with your fishing techniques and that’s some kind of survival intelligence every creature has got.

Bass usually waits for heavy objects inside the marine. They will look for food organism that way. That’s a nature you use for tracking these fishes. However, it’s obviously not so easy.

It’s usually quite hard to manage for you to cast anything in heavy objects. Also, there is a good chance that smart basses will figure out the artificial flies. Since they have a good sense of identifying non-natural fly spheres.

That’s when a huge size rod enters the game. Yes, you need large size fly rods. You need to grab a suitable weight for your smallmouth bass fishing next. Let’s go!

So… What Weight Do You Need?

Now, it’s quite obvious for you to understand that we will talk about bigger weight rods. But exactly how much bigger? Relax, we’ll get into it now.

Most fly fishers would love to go for basses with their typical, old version rod without really caring about the fact that most manufacturers actually give attention to bass fishing.

There are so many brands who have their different line up for basses. They have got specific type and featured rods for bass fishing. Getting something exactly meant for smallmouth basses will instantly pave the way.

These usually come with weights ranging from 6 to 9 kilos. Also, they might differ with features like line weight and their length. For basses going with proper line lengths and weight is most important to make a catch.

Most of the time, the 8 to 9 weight fly rod are better for largemouth bass. Especially in weedy areas. These are usually not suitable for smallmouth bass fishing.

For smallmouth bass, you can opt for weights option that ranges between six to seven kilograms. Using reel of similar weight will entirely make you ready to hunt smallmouth basses. Especially if you are thinking of going into open and clear water conditions.

Some More Weight Options!

You can go for other options as well. If you own a fly rod designed for trout fish that comes with 5 kilos weight, then try it out for bass.

Usually, fly-fishing rod suitable for smallmouth bass comes with heavy weight to resist the heavy winds. The other types may not be properly resistant to the wind because of poor weight. But it can be an emergency option you can think about in sudden situations.

Also, when you go for low-depth lakes or rivers, floating fly line rods are better to use. Sometimes the fact that bass can be anywhere under the water level becomes a great hassle.

To avoid such situation the best bet can be getting a smallmouth bass fly fishing rod that comes with fly lines attached with extra fly reels and spools. These can deal with any water situation without setbacks.

Considering the Weight Will Be Enough…Are You Sure?

Getting rods of a good weight without giving attention to other aspects is like picking a nice pink suitable jacket without getting the right size. Ultimately, you’ll not be able to wear it, just because you only thought pink looks great on you and missed the fact that your size is also an important factor to consider.

So, what I mean is you need to consider other aspects of a fly-fishing rod also. For smallmouth bass fishing one major factor aside from weight is length.

Most of the time, rods for smallmouth basses are longer than general fishing rods. Go for rods that come with 6 to 8 feet length. This length will ideally fit your requirements for smallmouth bass fly fishing.

Note one important part. Sometimes getting the least length can work better. Simply because the water level might hold heavier objects. At that moment casting in smaller creeks can become difficult due to a slightly lengthy rod.

Also, when you consider the fly line make sure it suits well with the weight. You should go for compatible options. Suppose you are getting a fly rod weighing in at 6 kilograms. This means you need to get a compatible 6-weight fly line for such rod.


I hope you have got the answer about what weight fly rod for smallmouth bass is perfect. Now all you need to do is get a perfect harmony reel-rod-line set up, good practice and a lot of patience.

I’m sure after some time, smallmouth basses from your checklist for “Fishes Yet to Catch” will be crossed. It’s time for me to sign out! Happy Bass Fishing!