Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak Review: The Beginner Friendly Fishing Kayak!

Kayak fishing is a huge thing today! People love this passtime with its leaps and bounds popularity throughout the past few years.

There is a reason for it! This is one fun activity that is easy to carry, a great fitness practice and most of all, really adventurous.

Today, purpose build kayak for angling has become really common with excellent features like chine rails and storage hatches. All to make sure the angler has a great time on the water.

If you are looking for both performance and stability for a perfect kayak then the lifetime triton angler kayak(check price on amazon) can be your ideal pick!

With an enhanced skep integrated and convenient rod holders plus adjustable holders, the kayak is definitely a wonderful choice for anyone.

Today in this lifetime triton angler kayak review, let me tell you why you should invest in it or why not.

Top Features Of Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak

Dimensions120 x 31 x 12.9 Inches
Weight49 Pounds
FootrestMultiple Position
Weight Capacity275 Pounds
Scupper HolesYes
Storage TypeTankwell
Bungee CordYes
Seat PadYes
PriceCheck Here

Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak Full Review

Here I am providing the full review of this kayak and its pros and cons. Let’s see should you choose this one or not.

Rods Included!

In the Lifetime Triton Angler, there are a total of three-rod holders to make it easy for you to keep this stuff. There is two mounted flushes with hull holders and the other one is top mounted. The last one is adjustable as well. It stays between the paddler’s leg.

The positioning is quite well. Holding rods for too long or not having space for them is a big issue for a fish kayaking. The Lifetime kayak cares about the needs of a caster and goes for a design which is excellent.

Storage Facilities!

While going for fishing you definitely need a space for keeping your toolbox and everything necessary for the trip. The kayak comes with a nice design that includes quite a big tank compartment to give you enough storage facility. Plenty of space can be used to store almost anything. Especially the things that are quite large.

The sit-on-top kayak will effortlessly store your stuff from getting wet inside the hull compartments. It can slow hold a kayak cooler for you. On summertime kayaking, this one tool becomes really meaningful to you.

Your stuff won’t fall, thanks to the bungee cord included. You can safely hold everything in place by using the cords and it’s super simple. Also, it helps to hold larger items well from moving too often when paddling.

Seats Are Adjustable!

Kayaking is a sport where you need to be sitting with the exact same position for hours. It’s not going to be easy if the seats are not comfortable. Many feel body fatigue and pain due to longtime fishing on a kayak. For them, the seat’s quality plays an essential role.

Lifetime comes with an adjustable seat system. You can easily adjust the positioning according to your desire. It’s all up to your comfort zone. So, less hassle and stress are felt while kayaking. That’s a big relief. Also, it comes with a seat pad. So, the extra piece of satisfaction is always there.

The quick release seat is placed really in a good position on the kayak. So that fishing never feels a cumbersome activity to anyone while on the kayak.

The Hull Design

The hull design is really stable. It comes with quality construction to give additional strength to the entire activity. There are so many advantages related to hull performance. The built-in quality is really outstanding for a whole day fishing. Also, it gives you long lasting performance at all times.

You will never have to feel stress for maintaining or caring for them. These are super simple to clean and care for. The built quality also ensures it can fight cracks effectively when there is a hit or something. The natural flexibility is really good and helps to bounce off on such situations.

It also has some good UV protection with coatings to ensure fewer chances of damage in sunny days. It helps the kayak surface to stay away from bleaching.

There is an also skeg integrated within. This makes tracking a great thing for anyone riding the kayak. Also, the fish kayak comes with real adaptability to cope up with messy waves and situations where there are chances of harm or falling off.

What’s So Special About This Angler Kayak?


The look is really beach friendly and gives a tough vibe to the owner. It comes with a nice dark green color. The design is really mesmerizing and will suit people’s preference to most. It is an ideal pick appearance wise for fishing.


The major benefits you get from the kayak are its excellent balancing. Fishing kayak needs to be good at providing stability. The ultra-safe features are one of the key points one caster would usually look for. The lifetime comes with a nice line here.

It comes with a design that can prevent the boat from tipping and causing frequent falls. Also, the stability is a keynote that will keep the angler solid on the cast. You can easily access the rods beside you. You don’t have to stress over the kayak dumping or capsizing you.

Also, the kayak is really great with tracking also. It stays on the line when you need it to be. The tracking channels are always a big point with Lifetime kayaks. You can easily pay attention to the fish and correcting course every five minutes is super easy also.

However, due to the stability, it’s kind of hard to maneuver. You cannot get an A grade results with the maneuverability. Simply because the design was never meant for sharp turns or high-speed tasks. It’s not the multipurpose kayak but simply focused on fishing type kayak. It’s not the touring kind if you are looking the both in one feature.


The built quality is no joke for sure. With high-density polyethylene construction, this kayak is capable to go through any disaster it ever meets. The performance is great without causing any crack or anything like that. It keeps you up for easy spending good times on kayak.

It’s completely outstanding for bright and sunny day kayaking. You can also get a canopy to avoid sunburns also.

To flatter the durability, it also ensures a five-year warranty with the package. So that if you ever feel any manufacturing fault is found, you can simply use the warranty.

Check Price On Amazon

  • The dimension is really perfect.
  • It isn’t too heavy to carry.
  • The stability is really good.
  • It comes with a strong hull design
  • The integrated seg provides nice tracking facilities.
  • It is wide enough to have enough space.
  • Easily storable in any place at your home.
  • Enough storage for fishing goods.
  • The weight capacity is good.
  • Comes with adjustable seats.
  • The maneuverability isn’t really high.
  • No paddle included.
  • Can’t fit touring kayak requirements.

Final Thought About Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak

Triton is an excellent fishing kayak as an entry level pick for sure. The platform is amazing with exceeding stability to give you a perfect cast off. It has got plenty of storage to bear your gears and catch both. Very easy to handle and nice design.

Everything falls into place when you think about an ideal fishing kayak. So, if you are wondering about getting the finest beginner level fish kayak, the Lifetime Triton can be your ideal choice! I hope this lifetime triton angler kayak review was helpful to make your mind on a decision. Good Luck.