Penn Conflict 2 (II) Review: A Budget Lightweight Spinning Reel

Penn Conflict II is one of the affordable lightweight spinning reel that released in 2016. It is the updated version of popular Penn conflict I.

When it was released Penn announced that its their lightest spinning reel. Compare to the older conflict 1 models it almost 2 ounce low weighted.

The main thing that makes me write this Penn Conflict 2 review is its affordable price. This high quality spinning reel priced around $150 to $200 that is much lower compare to other similar featured reels.

Now if you’re beginner and interested in a combo than Penn released conflict 2 rod and reel combo that you see here on amazon.

Every time I review a reel, I breakdown their features into 5 category. Before going to full review first see the highlighted feature.

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  • Lightweight Rigid Resin RR30 rotor and body
  • Gear with CNC technology7+1 sealed high quality SB bearings
  • HT-100 drag system is silky and smooth
  • Spool with superline technology
  • Line capacity 132 yard/4lb to 200 yard/15lb

penn conflict 2 review

Penn Conflict 2 review

Now I am going to deep reviews all this feature and write pros and what improvement they can do. Let’s start…

Size & Weight:

Penn declared that conflict 2 is their lightest spinning reel when they launched it. I already said that this is around 2 ounce low weight compared to the conflict 1 models.

Now 2 ounce seems to be little but when you are in water this will make a huge difference. If you cast for long times than this lightweight spinning would be your top choice.

Mainly Penn Conflict II reel comes with 5 different model that are available in different size and weight. This reel comes with lowest 6.3 ounce weight and highest 14.4 ounce weight.

Also all of this model have same size range of 1000-8000. So you can choose this reel at any size that fits your weight limit.

Durability and Construction:

Penn Conflict II spinning reel comes with a simple black color design that makes it clean looking. The well optimized construction makes this reel heavy and lightweight.

This body and rotor constructed with Rigid Resin RR30 that makes this long lasting and durable.

Its handle is made of carbon/aluminum makes it lightweight. So it don’t flex even under pressure.

Actually Penn make this spinning reel saltwater proof that makes it durable. As a result you can use it for both saltwater and whitewater.

Overall it a well-constructed durable lightweight spinning reel that great for any medium sized fishing.

Line/Spool capacity:

Line capacity is one of the main reel feature that every anglers should look for. Now for Penn conflict II it has different line capacity for different models.

The main feature of this reel is its braided line capability. It will help you use low weighted braided line that actually reduce your overall reel weight.

You will find its 1000 model has lowest line capacity of 132 yard/4lb and 4000 model has highest line capacity of 220 yard/10lb.

Now if you’re want a medium size line capacity then I prefer to go with conflict II 2500 model. This would be a proper investment of your money.

Gear System:

Gear system makes a reel smooth and easily use able. Now Penn conflict II comes with CNC gear technology that make this reel super smooth.

If you’re casting for long distance this smooth gear technology will help you do this comfortably.

All Penn conflict II models comes with a medium range gear ratio and that’s are great. Its 1000 model has a 5:2:1 gear ratio, 2500 model has a 6:2:1 gear ratio and 5000 model has 5:6:1 gear ratio.

You can easily pick your desired gear ratio that you want on your reel. Now the main feature of this reel Is bearings number.

All Penn conflict II model provides 7+1 sealed ST ball bearings that makes them smooth and corrosion proof.

Drag system:

Penn Conflict II spinning reel comes with an excellent drug system. Mainly this is a saltwater reel, so it comes with smooth drag feature that are able to handle medium large fish.

Now you can use its advantage on whitewater for hard pulling fish like red fish and striped bass. This reel has enough drug to handle them smoothly.

I have no complaint on its drag system. Overall you find a quality drag system on a reel that don’t cost too much.

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent drag system
  • Corrosion proof
  • 8 ball bearings make it smooth
  • Long castability
  • Cover is purely fitted
  • Wind Knot causes problem
  • Poor quality reel seat

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This conflict II spinning reel has both pros and cons. But compared to price this reel comes with some excellent feature that you can’t find other similar priced reel.

So this is the end of my Penn conflict II spinning reel review. Hope this review will help you decide should you purchase conflict II as you next spinning reel.

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