Penn Battle 2 (II) 8000 Spinning Reel Review – [Under $200]

If you are in search of spinning reel that has an excellent balance between price and quality than Penn battle 2 would be your first choice. Thousands of angler using this reel regularly without having any problem.

It’s a great spinning reel under $200 that comes for both salt and fresh water. The price of reel make this affordable for any anglers who has average budget.

Now this reel comes with eight different size model. So in this article I am going to write down my honest opinion on this Penn battle 2 8000 reviews that covers all pros and cons of it.

Hope this review will help you figure out should you buy it or not. So stay connected with me.

Highlighted Feature:

Gear Ratio: 5:3:1

Bearings: 6 sealed ball bearings

Braid Line Capacity: 475yard/50lb, 345yard/8olb and 390yard/65lb

Drag: HT-100 Carbon Fiber Drag System

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penn battle 2 8000 review

Penn Battle 2 8000 Review

Here are some excellent features that comes with Penn battle 2 8000 and make this reel your ultimate choice. Let’s start….

Quality Construction:

Compare to the other reel at this price it’s not junk piece of plastic. You can feel its solid quality construction on your hand.

Its full body, side plate, and rotor all of this has a solid metal construction that helps it to fight against corrosion and makes it durable.

It comes with a crafted and durable material body that you normally don’t see on a reel at this price point.

Only one problem that people generally complain on this reel is its heavy weight. But overall is a heavy duty reel that designed for average to high level angler.

Smooth Drag System:

Smoothness is the main feature of any reel to catch fish comfortably. If your drug is not smooth than you may feel tired when fighting a large size fish like tuna.

Now Penn battle 2 8000 comes with HT-100 drag system that provide excellent drag with smoothness.

To provide maximum drug this reel comes with excellent drag system allows you using both sides of carbon fiber drag washer.

Compare to the old battle 2 this reel drag is 20% more powerful that provide extra smooth reeling.

Bearing (Included Anti-Reverse):

Smoothness mainly depends on bearing numbers. The more bearing in the reel the more smoothly you can use it.

For spinning reel 6-7 bearings are standard and able to provide enough smoothness. Now Penn battle 2 8000 comes with 6 sealed bearing that make it smooth and sealed feature makes it corrosion proof.

It also comes with anti-reverse bearing system to remove pullback that allows you reel disturb free.

Gear Ratio:

A standard gear ratio for large size fishing is 5:3:1 and Penn battle 2 8000 comes with this gear ratio.

It allows you to pull the line fast enough without losing the fish from your hook.

Long Lasting Performance:

No one want a reel that is not durable enough. Penn is a reputed brand that producing quality reel from a long time.

Their all product are enough durable for long time using. Penn battle 2 8000 is one of them. They don’t compromise on its quality for its low price.

Maybe is the reason that why it is one of the best-selling product on amazon.

Ease To Use:

Spinning reels are always easy to use. If you are newbie on large size fishing don’t know how to use a trolling reel then this spinning reel a great option for you.

It easily useable functions like anti-reverse technology will definitely help you catching large fish easily.

Line Capacity:

Penn battle 2 8000 comes with 6 different type line capacity. It braided line capacity has 3 option with maximum 475yard/50lb, minimum 345yard/8olb and medium 390yard/65lb.

On the other hand mono line capacity also comes with 3 different option and those are maximum 340yard/20lb, minimum 230yard/30lb and medium 310yard/25lb.

All of this line capacity options are great for large fish like tuna, grouper or catfish etc.

Braided Line Capability:

Braided line are mostly used among angler who catch strong fighting fish. Now it is hard to put braided line on spool if your reel doesn’t have braided line capability. Penn Battle II 8000 comes with this excellent feature that will make line setup.

Corrosion Proof:

Corrosion proof is another pro feature of Penn battle 2 8000 that makes it useable on saltwater. Its stainless steel sealed bearing doesn’t allow water to get inside.

  • Quality spinning reel on Budget Price
  • Corrosion Proof feature makes it useable on saltwater
  • Perfect for medium to large sized fishing
  • Disturb free reeling with anti-reverse technology
  •  Smooth and durable drag technology
  • Super-Line Spool technology keep the line on place
  • Little bit heavy
  • Without proper maintenance it may become rough and will start making noise

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Overall it’s an all around spinning reel that don’t break your bank for purchasing. If i have a budget in mind under $200 for heavy duty saltwater spinning i will definitely buy it.

I think this is the best selling reel from Penn that they build for beginner and on a budget without compromising the quality.

If you are beginner and have a tight budget than definitely go for it. Hope you won’t disappoint.

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