Best Reel for Shark Fishing – [Top 7 Heavy Picks]

Who doesn’t love to see sharks live with their own eyes? I am a shark fanatic. Every time, my friends, my peoples go for catching some sharks. I can’t stop myself from being with them. We people catch sharks and leave them as well. Eating one of them means decreasing the number of shark species.

If you are also a shark freak, then I would suggest you as well to leave the shark after you catch it. Take a good look at the shark damages from all sides. Put some good healings on it and then let go of the shark.

Shark fishing requires some hard and professional reels. Indeed, markets and the internet include a collection of the best reel for shark fishing. But yet, some people face many difficulties choosing the best one among them.

From now on, you won’t face these difficulties as this content includes the seven top and the best reel available on the market for shark fishing.

List of Seven Best Reel for Shark Fishing

You have seen lots of collection of reels for shark fishing. Check out the seven best reels for shark fishing I mentioned down below. It’s not just about bragging the products or displaying the merits of them.

I described all the good as well as bad features of those reels. These wise descriptions will help you to choose the best reel among the best reel collection list:

1. Penn Senator Reel

I am starting the list with the Penn Senator Reel. Well! Please don’t count the serial of the products according to their functions. All the seven products on this list are best because of their tasks.

Well! Penn Senator Reel comes with five different types of style. But among them, the best one is none other than the 115L2-700yd/50lbs.

This reel includes two bearings which makes it damn smooth to handle. The gear ratio of this reel is about 2.5:1.

If you are already known to the gear ratio of the fishing reels, then you might already know that the 2.5:1 is precisely the best gear ratio for shark fishing.

The line capacity of the Penn Senator Reel is 50/700. And the reel weighs very light, about 57 ounces only. Senator Reel is too light to carry and handle comfortably.

There is an infinite number of anglers whose fishing gadgets entirely depends on PENN Products.

It would help if you gave it a try. Who knows? This reel might attract you a lot and force you to spend 24/7 on the boat to do shark fishing.

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  • Very Light in Weight
  • High-End Built-in Quality
  • Perfect Gear Ratio
  • Perfect Drag System
  • Hard and not Easily Breakable


  • With handle, you can’t reel a fish
  • Plastic Black Rubber Handle is a bit Weak to hold

2. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

As I told you before, Penn is an excellent company for fishing reels. And here goes the second reel from Penn as well. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel also includes many models and styles.

But if you are looking for the best professional shark fishing reel within affordable price, then go for the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel, Model: 3000.

This shark fishing reel includes extreme durability with vast spinning reel range to conquer large and big fishes in saltwater.

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel, is also known as the King Reels for Sharks because of its excellent finishing metal body, extraordinary rotors, side plate as well as the aluminium bail of heavy-duty.

The most pleasant thing about the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is that the Drag System of Carbon Fibre. This reel can maintain extreme drag without even losing its smoothness. Till now it didn’t disappoint any people who love to fishing and has the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel.

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  • Long Range of Spinning Reel
  • Wonderful Gearings
  • Super Smooth even after facing ultra-drag system
  • Can retrieve very quickly
  • Very Durable and reliable Built-in Quality


  • Locks up very quickly
  • Not water Resistance

3. One Bass Fishing Reels Level Wind Trolling Reel

The third reel on the list is the best looking fishing reel. Besides, it is also one of the most potent fishing reels of this list as well. One Bass Fishing Reels includes Carbon Fibre Drag System. And the reel is highly saltwater resistant.

This reel also offers 20KG or 40LB drag with precise smoothness. Your thumb can easily access the spool release bar. It contains Multi-Drag Carbonite Drag System which provides consistent smoothness as well as durability on stopping power.

With 14BB + 1 RB Stainless Bearings of steel, the reel gives an experience of smooth fishing. The retrieve becomes too much smooth even sustaining too much of drag. That is why this reel lasts for years, even after it fights with larger fishes inside saltwater.

Moreover, this high-quality product is also offering a Three Year Warranty as well. Therefore, any occurrence you face within these three years, your reel will get the servicing without any charge.

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  • Very Smooth Drag
  • The moveable handle provides power
  • Can withstand compelling fights for a long time
  • Three years warranty
  • No backslash


  • Cracks comes in the plastic body very quickly

4. KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel. No.1 Highest Rated Conventional Reel

Are you looking for a professional reel for fishing sharks? Well! KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel is here for you. You will get to know other popular and professional reels for shark fishing in the market.

I would suggest you shut your eyes and ignore those reels because if you choose them, you will miss the best and most professional reel.

You will find all the best features on this reel; a shark fisherman needs to catch a shark. Start from the BulletProof coating till the versatility, this reel will satisfy you in every way.

With the superior drag system of the carbon fibre, KastKing Rover Reel can provide the optimum power you required to cast as well as to drag the shark.

Like all the other reels on this list, KastKing Rover is also very smooth to grad, handle and to use. The brass gears, machines spool of CNC, stainless steel shaft, durability, corrosion protection as well as the aluminium side plates make it perform flawlessly.

You will see one of this reel to some popular shark baiters. The built quality, functionality, comfortability stands it aside from all the other best reels.

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  • Excellent Decoration
  • Extremely Powerful to cast, bait and drag
  • Highly Durable
  • Bulletproof coating
  • Strong gears and stainless steel shafts


  • A bit heavy
  • Provides a bit sound

5. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Here comes the 5th reel of the list. I might say that you just heard about the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel many times while you went for buying fishing reel.

People who step for fishing sharks, the first thing they hear, or they buy is the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel. Well! Think about the popularity of this reel. This reel is the most affordable handy and the best reel for shark fishing.

It is another manual reel which helps a lot while casting or dragging in. And it also includes the aluminium body with the side covers which makes the reel lasts longer.

This reel consists of the best strength in corrosion form and also 100% scratch proof. With the lightweight Air Rotor of this reel, it is effortless to hold and handle without any tiredness.

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  • Good Construction
  • Well Drag system
  • Anti-reverse is infinity
  • Constructed with metal
  • Very smooth to cast


  • To start reeling, it needs to crank back first then start reeling

6. Daiwa SGT50H Seagate Star Drag Saltwater Conventional Reel

Well here comes the 2nd reel of Daiwa. Well! Daiwa does provide some good quality reels for shark fishing. And that why people love Daiwa as they are comfortable with their products.

Daiwa SGT50H comes with four bearing system. The frame of the reel is Corrosion-proof which is why it lasts longer and is also very comfortable to hold.

The Anti-Reverse dual system is also infinite. And the brass gears are also rugged and incredibly smooth, and they will help you in the drag system.

This reel also includes the CRBB Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings as well as the Roller Bearings. These bearings make the reel works perfectly as well as smoothly.

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  • Can Cast far and smoothly
  • Awesome Magnetic System
  • Best reel for doing the night fishing
  • Very light to carry and control
  • Affordable


  • Not for beginners
  • A bit sensitive while casting drag

7. Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Trolling Fishing Reel

With the Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Trolling Fishing Reel, I am ending the list of the best reel. Specially 50vsw-890yd/50lbs Penn Squall Lever Drag Fishing reel is another popular and professional reels. This reel is also a perfect choice for the beginner who is starting to do shark fishing.

This reel is very light in weight, which makes it familiar with all the other reels on this list. But the frame of this reel is made off graphite and also includes the most powerful lever, and the side plates of this reel are also outstanding and precise for the saltwater fishing.

The gear system of this reel is pretty fast. Within less time and zero disturbance, the reel can change the gear from High to Low as well as Low to high.

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  • The frame is of graphite that lasts longer
  • Very light in weight
  • Speed change gears
  • Have the ability to hold large fishes


  • Quality falls after some rough use

Factors While Buying Reels for Shark Fishing

Before you dive in to buy the reels, check out the small guides I mentioned over here. This guide will make your decision narrower. The points are:

1.Gear Ratio

For small fish, higher gear ration always stands first. But for a fish like a shark, the minimum gear ratio is precise because sharks fight a lot.

They don’t want to get retrieved quickly. On the other hand, a lower gear ratio for shark fishing reel will prevent you from messing up with the drag system.

High gear ratio on shark fishing reel will snap the line as well as it will prevent you from tearing tire up the sharks nicely.

Therefore you must choose the shark fishing reel with low gear ration, and it will also let you muscle the sharks back on the boat pretty fast. 

2.The Drag System

The most important factor while fishing for sharks is the drag system. And this drag system entirely depends on your reel’s line strength.

Many people who do shark fishing are comfortable with the drag system of about 30 pounds. Drag System of 30 pounds prevents the line from breaking even after the shark attempts an intense fight. But one major problem occurs here, and that is the shark pulls out the line a lot.

On the other hand, you will also find that people use the drag system of about 50 or 60 pounds as well. But it requires much muscular strength on the reel line.

If you put a precise drag on your reel line, no matter how hard the shark fights, the line will never break. It will stop the wire from pulling out quickly. But if the shark provides too much effort, it can easily snap the line of the reel.

3.Capacity and the Line

When people go for doing float fishing or small fish fishing, they carry a standard casual reel which can easily hold the soft line with 30 pounds of drag.

But in case of fishing large shark fishes, you must use hard and heavy reels which can hold at least 40 to 50 pounds. The reel must include the capability of maintaining a strong line.

In the case of fishing small sharks, you can go for the reels with a drag of 30 pounds. Small sharks are not a big deal at all.

But the large sharks are robust and heavy comparing to the little sharks. Therefore, the reasonably active line should need to be on the must list.

4. Durability

Unlike the small fishes, fighting with sharks isn’t easy at all. Massive shark fights can pull up to 20 people together.

Therefore, you can already guess the stress goes on the reel, which will be holding the shark. And that is why you must choose a spindle which is made up of high-quality materials and can keep the drag’s pressure for a long time.

On that note, your reel rod should be saltwater resistant because you know freshwater sharks don’t exist now. That’s why you need to look for sharks on the seawater. That means your reel rod needs to be saltwater resistance to prevent any damages.

Wrapping Context

So far, even if you have very few knowledge about the reels of shark fishing, still this content gave the best precise reels you can use while shark fishing. And people who know the shark fishing for them;

I mentioned the pros and cons as well as the features of the reels. Well! This information will help you narrow your choice and decision