Shimano TLD 15 Review: Versatility Meets Your Budget-Conscious Pouch!

Fishing is a really widespread sports activity that is lasting for centuries now. As a fisherman, I can tell you that some people will never choose any other hobby once they get hooked with the fun of having a catch. That’s how it is!

One thing is for sure, the best fishing sport will need you some patience, interest and a quality reel. It’s definitely higher than the obvious.

I have been using a reel myself for quite a few time now, I’m in love with it. So, why don’t I share this with you guys? That’s the thought that passed through my head last night.

So, basically, I’ll be blabbering on a Shimano TLD 15 review today. Let’s go for it people!

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Shimano TLD 15 Features

Dimension7.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 Inches
Suitable ForMultipurpose Fishing
Manual IncludedYes
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Shimano TLD 15 Review


The outlook for the Shimano TLD bounces back to the ideal picture of a go-to reel that every fisherman would want to consider. It comes with a versatile design to match the fishing flow, especially in saltwater situations. The design is really multipurpose and mesmerizing.

It comes with an ideal measurement of 7.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. The gear ratio for Shimano is around 4.0:1 which is great for any type of fishing comfort. Also, it comes with a total of four ball bearing design within.

The great quality graphite casing with Shimano is another highlighting feature about it. Most fishermen would agree with the fact that a lightweight frame is easier and better to fish with any situation. Also, there is a combination of the aluminum spool with it. This gives some a perfect feel of a lightweight reel with enough resistance.

The overall weight is something around nineteen ounces. That’s quite comfortable to fish with even for a pro angler. The maximum drag power is also a beneficial part of Shimano. It’s around 22 pounds!

Even when you have to under expansive force the drag is smooth enough to provide you easy pulling experience. The manufacturing method is suitable for anyone’s fishing method. It can give a perfect fishing flow to both professional anglers and amateurs.

The combination of matt graphite casing with shiny aluminum spool literally makes it super eye-catching. So, the likeability to prefer the design for any angler is really high.

On the whole. The design with its built quality really makes room for a fair choice within the price range if you compare it to the similar other counterparts

Minimal Weight!

We all know, for fishing the most important feature is probably the weight. A reel that is heavy giving discomfort while holding is a total fail. Shimano is the very opposite. It does a really good job in this field.

With a very minimal weight of around nineteen oz. the reel definitely does a great job at giving you comfort for long time fishing. Hold it for the whole day and never will your hands complain. Amazing right?

Lasts Good!

With the amazing construction of aluminum and graphite, we already can imagine its built-in quality. The reel is a phenomenal choice for those who are looking for a long-time fishing partner.

It just does a great job at providing you a strong and resistance performance on the whole. So, your money is invested in the right place.

With enough stability and rigidity, it’s just the right reel any fishermen would want to get for a long term, usage. The materials are all genuine and used with the right proportion to make really suitable fishing good.

Line Capacity!

One would not only go for lightweight features. There are more than that while choosing a good quality reel. Lien capacity is an important feature among those.

The capacity of reel plays a really important part for effortlessly making casts. I have to meet incidence so many times where my reel betrayed me with a poor line capacity and I had to blame the heavyweight of fish.

But with TLD you don’t need such drama at all. A very compatible line capacity comes your way with it. The weight versatility you receive from the reel is truly amazing for any kind of fishing. It comes with a nice mono line capacity.

Also, there is a power pro line capacity. You can use them according to your needs and preference for fishing.

Drag Force!

It’s impossible to call a reel good if the drag force is worsening. As simple as that. However, with Shimano, I don’t think anybody would feel that way. It’s quite satisfying in the performance for drag force. Actually, quite more than just simply satisfied. I am awed!

With a max drag force of 22 pounds, I don’t think what more to expect. The hand packs of such big amount with a smooth and easy pulling make me want to just stay with this reel. All my large fishes were caught by it. You can winch in any size bigger or smaller with this drag force. Super smooth action is what you would get literally every time.

You can enjoy up to thirty pounds of drag force with the free spool. Considering the reel size and weight, that’s actually a magnificent amount undoubtedly.


No matter what type of water you choose to his in, the Shimano will walk with you. It’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing with multipurpose features included. You can try casting for any type of fish. No matter what size it is or which nature it comes with. You can try anything as long it matches the compatibility.

It’s one full package where you can expect to get your all requirements fulfilled with an amazing design. You can call it a combo if you wish. A combo of versatility and ease!

Simple Set Up!

With complex reels shouting all over the market, Shimano really impresses with a nice and simple installation process. You can deal with the set up just in a few minutes. It’s a piece of cake! A standard reel will have such easy set up that will barely need effort. Shimano is one of them!

  • The weight is really light for any fishing.
  • It comes with a durable built-in quality overall.
  • The high drag force is compatible with multiple fishing needs.
  • It comes with a sturdy line capacity.
  • You can try any kind of fishing with it.
  • The reel is compatible for easy setup and installation.
  • It’s quite affordable for the benefits provided.
  • The handle feels small sometimes.
  • Retrieval handle needs improvements.

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Final Take!

Well, it looks like we are about to end this Shimano TLD 15 review. In my views. The features are really amazing in terms of its price range.

It definitely is an incredible fishing item any level angler would love to own. The features are worth each penny with satisfying quality and performance. You can depend on it as the vital part of your fishing activity and it will not disappoint!

With premium materials. Easy setup and convenient weight, Shimano TLD 15 is undoubtedly a great recommendation I’ll love to give. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, the aspects and performance will surely make an impact on your fishing needs.