Emotion Guster 10 Kayak Review: The Pink Camping Buddy in Budget!

So, you are really into kayaks? You want to spend your favorite vacations paddling down a softly bubbling brook.

You love toting around your gear for camping and settling down a sweet spot at night. Gorgeous rivers and stream are your most preferable places to traverse!

Well, getting a good kayak is the first rule of this beautiful dream!

No matter if it’s for you alone or your whole family. Picking the right kayak needs you some patience and considerations. One preferable choice for solo kayakers can be the emotion guster 10.

Today I’ll be providing a complete emotion Guster 10 kayak review for your better choice making. Let’s begin!

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Emotion Guster 10 Kayak Features and Review

Dimension120 x 30 x 14 inches
Weight48 Pounds
Weight Capacity275 Pounds
Adjustable SeatYes
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What Does Emotion Guster 10 Kayak Offer?

Comfortable Seats!

The kayak comes with quality seats that you can adjust according to your comfort. Also, it includes a nice seat pad to give you the extra piece of delight while riding.

Storage Facility!

Under the deck for this kayak, you’ll be getting a huge oval hatch. You can have the additional storage to store important stuff that you want to protect from water. Also, at the rear you’ll be getting some space to store huge kits or gears.


Carrying the kayak isn’t an issue because of the lightweight. You’ll also receive two handles on the front and rear that will help you or your friend to carry the watercraft from beach to shore or shore to beach.

Efficient Hull Design!

The hull design is really good to give you a stable ride on the kayak. It is a great addition to help you stay track while riding the craft.

Know About Emotion KAYAKS!

The 2002 invented kayak company Emotions are quite a big name today. It’s one huge cousin company of the very famous Lifetime Products. Their name and goals both mean creating something that lasts for a lifetime.

Emotion Kayaks are mainly built in three countries. That’s what Hoovers has to say. The three countries are China, America and Mexico.

So Why Should You Get These Emotion Guster 10 Kayak?

So now that we all know Emotion Kayaks can be trusted and they produce some really helpful goods, I think it’s easier to now focus only on the features. Let’s know why you should be looking forward to this really classic camping kayak.

Great Construction!

If you don’t look for a kayak that comes with a strong construction then you are money is wasted. It’s obvious. We should be focusing on the material first and foremost to avoid any future complain about cracks and breaking down.

Some folks will only think about getting a kayak that looks amazing with their personality and style. Especially those who judge things on the basis of their looks.

This is not a better way to go for the best. Emotion kayak comes with a really high-quality construction that can give you outstanding performance on the water.

Anyone starting from beginner to pro would love the construction quality undoubtedly. It comes with polyurethane construction. For a river trip paddling or simply going over a lake, this plastic kayaks will do so much better. They are really good at holding up nicely while you enjoy the ride.

No Shiny Gloss Over!

So many brands on the field will only care about adding additional features that do not actually make quite a difference in the whole performance. These will only tell you stories about how the kayak can change your life and give you the finest while in reality they actually fail in most basic areas.

The Guster 10 from Emotion kayak believes in simple solutions. There are no exaggerating features to pull customers over. They are honest about the basic features.

In reality, the basics are actually the very main category to look for. You should be concerned about choosing a kayak that goes well with the essential first. Most beginners will barely get attracted by an overly demonstrated unnecessary feature sets in a kayak.

But they don’t get the fact that as a novice they would need to learn a lot about kayaking yet. Going for unnecessary advanced version is a waste of time plus money.

Without any glittery shine of extra bunches of feature, the Guster 10 can be an ideal choice for both beginners and pro kayakers.


The kayaks from Emotion is made with precision in three countries to make you get the ideal construction ever. The quality of its built-in something that makes the choice one of the best for sure. With a plastic built-in, many will say what’s so special? But for holding you up in the water perfectly there is no better alternative than this.

This kayak can last really long even when you go through lots of hits and crash. With kayaking, it’s obvious you’ll meet some minor accidents later or sooner. Falling into the water, hitting a stone while paddling and so on.

If you don’t focus on getting a kayak that can handle those rough bumps then things are going to be quite complicating. You have to understand the fact about how long the kayak will last no matter what budget you consider. That’s important because nobody wants to buy a kayak with some hundred dollars to discover it unusable after barely a few uses.

The Emotion kayak can be a good choice for people who are under that category of durability seekers. Like me! It’s really important to make sure the money you are investing brings you some longtime servicing or use. As simple as that!

A Fantastic Warranty!

Emotion kayaks really care about their user’s concern a lot. I am not favoring the brand; it’s just they offer really good and useful features even when the number of features is less. One of my favorite things is the longtime warranty.

So many kayakers would complain about how their several kayak parts fail or get defected because the manufacturer was bad. They even did not get a simple repair or apologies and that’s really sad.

But with Emotion Kayaks, you won’t be worrying about a simple defect because they got you covered. With every emotion kayak model, you are getting a complete five years warranty included. You can simply claim for a change or repair whenever there is any manufacturing error.

I think that’s the best point of investing your money on a safe project. The company would be standing right behind the kayak until the warranty is off. Which is obviously a long time!

  • There are cord straps to secure the items you carry.
  • The weight capacity is good for solo rides.
  • It’s easy to carry and ride.
  • The construction quality is really good.
  • It comes with five years of log warranty.
  • The kayak provides comfortable adjustable seats.
  • Comes with two handles.
  • Enough space for storage needs.
  • Turning around is a bit difficult.
  • Not suitable for too many gear loading.
  • Only one person can ride.

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Final Words!

So, after reading this emotion Guster 10 kayak review, what’s your feeling? I am sure you can imagine by now that it’s actually one of the finest picks under this budget requirements.

So, if you are looking for something responsible but affordable as well, the go for Guster 10. Your kayaking journey will be remarkable to you forever. Happy Kayaking!