Best Crawfish Traps In 2020 – Top 5 Picks For The Money

If you feel bit busy, check the FRABILL 1272 Fishing Traps (check on amazon), undoubtedly it would be the best pick for 2019 because we nominated this one after a long debate.

Like other fishing you can’t catch crawfish with common fishing tools. You need traps that designed to catch crawfish.

But which traps are best for your purpose? Thousands of fisher like you seeks for best crawfish straps but unfortunately they don’t get the expected one. We felt the pain very well last year when we needed some craw fishing traps for our team.

But one thing, we point out 5 of the best craw fishing traps after a testing bunches of crawfishing traps. Here we disclosed them one by one.

Please feel relax and read the details. Oh don’t forget to jump on buying guide as it’s the key factor to go!

Best Crawfish Traps 2019

Here you will learn about some best crawfish traps of this time and I hope it will help you to choose the suitable one from the best traps for crawfish.

1. FRABILL 1272 Fishing Traps- Overall Best Picks For Crawfish

If you prefer quality over everything, Frabill 1272 crawfish trap would work pretty well for you. Doesn’t matter whether you look for a crawfish, mudbug, crayfish or crawdad, Frabill 1272 can ensure you the quality.

It has vinyl-dipped back steel which allows it to avoid any kind of suspicion and thus can camouflage easily and guarantees you to have a good catch.

Its sturdy and two-piece feature offers easy baiting and attracts those who want lightweight traps. So among all the bunch of traps for crawfish in the market, you can definitely rely on it.

What We Like Most:

  • Right size for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Its torpedo shape permits it to work both in calm and current water.
  • Easily manoeuvrable for its lightweight design
  • The two-piece design ensures easy removal of crawfish
  • Vinyl coating saves it from rusting
  • Durability severs the cost
  • Easy to bait both crawfish and shrimp for the larger holes

What Could Be Better:

  • The trap may wiggle out the clasp.
  • The latch can be a little tight
  • You may lose some crawfish as they may walk out the holes

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2. Willapa Marine Crawfish Trap- Ideal Choice for Every Professional!

Willapa marine crawfish trap is another good product that most of the crawfish lovers love to use. It is made with black vinyl coated 1/2×1 inch 16GA wire and has two black mesh tunnel to let the crawfish in.

As it has a black wire, there is a chance to deceive the crawfishes and you will catch without creating any suspect unlike the other traps for crawfish.

It is 24 inches long, 7-inch width trap that can easily hold enough crawfish in one go. It also has a two-way bridle rope that attaches both ends of the trap and makes it easier for you to toss and carry the trap. So you can see this thing is one of the best crawfish traps available nowadays.

What We Like Most

  • The coated high-quality metal ensures durability
  • Easier to use as you can easily access for the bait and also can remove the crawfish
  • Has a lightweight design which ensures easier manoeuvrability
  • Secures the crawfish well
  • Catches a lot of fish at one go
  • Easier to toss

What Could Be Better

  • Bait jar is not included in some packages

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3. Frabill Crawfish Trap- Featuring The Black Guru Within Budget!

Frabill Crawfish Trap, 8 x 8 x 18-Inch, Black one is a nicely sized crawfish trap for your regular use.

It is made with heavy vinyl dipped steel mesh that ensures its durability. Its black colour again offers that extra camouflage that prevents it from being suspicion for the crawfishes.

It is a one-piece trap with easy access door that can help you keeping the bait and removing the crawfish from the trap. It is a medium-sized trap that can hold at least 15+ crawfish in one go.

It is a squire shaped trap with 8x8x18 inch size that means it is pretty specious to hold enough crawfish even if you find a good spot with lots of crawfishes. Remember that, the best crawfish traps will not let you down when you have plenty of preys.

What We Like Most

  • A solid, well-built metal
  • The size is good for crawfish
  • Easy to bait and empty the catch
  • Good quality in perfect price
  • Good for catching crawfish, minnows and baitfish

What Could Be better

  • The latch can be a bit loose

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4. South Bend Wire Trap- No More Corrosion Just Action!

South Bend SBCD-2369 Wire Crawdad Trap can be your other favourite crawdad trap as it is usually corrosion resistant. You can catch your own crawfish as much as you want. You can easily bait and can also remove the crawdads easily.

Its measurements are 12.7 x 8.7 x 6.7 inches and so it is small in size and so you can easily carry it wherever you want. It is lightweight but sturdy and so it can ensure durability.

It is covered in coating and the opening is large and hooked with a rubber band that you can easily open up to remove your crawfish.  Among the plenty of traps for crawfish, you can easily depend on this best crawfish trap.

What We Like Most

  • Built well that ensures durability
  • Easy bait and catch removal
  • Lightweight and so can be carried anywhere
  • Small size but can hold enough crawfish in one go
  • Hassle-free as it is in one piece
  • Low price

What Could Be Better

  • The hole is a bit small so you will only catch small and average-sized crawdads.
  • As the size is small you may feel you need a bigger one when you find a good spot

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5. Eagle Claw Crayfish Trap- Ideal Size That makes Easier to Carry!

Eagle Claw Crayfish Trap is a good one for anyone who loves catching crawfish. It is a two-piece trap that can be easily stored anywhere. The two pieces are joined with a hook and so you can easily bait and remove your catch.

Its metal is coated and thus are safe from being rusted. Its measurements are 9.1 x 16.1 x 1.5 inches and so it is medium-sized with a torpedo shape that helps it to use it in calm and current water.

You also save your money by catching your own bait with this trap and can also enjoy catching crawfishes. The holes in two ends are large enough to let the crawfishes in.

What We like Most

  • Can be stored for its two-piece design
  • Easy bait and catch removal as can be opened from the middle
  • The metal coat is good enough to avoid getting rust
  • Medium-sized so you can carry them anywhere you want
  • Good for both calm and current water
  • Also good for catching minnows

What Could Be Better

  • Holes are a bit larger so the catch can crawl back
  • You may need to use extra hooks if it is loose

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Crawfish Traps 2019

Buying a crawfish trap can be baffling if you don’t know what to consider while buying it. There are plenty of brands and each brand has different types of crawfish traps that work differently.

Each has its own merits and demerits and as a buyer, you need to pay attention to the details.

So here you will know what factors you need to consider while buying a crawfish.


Who doesn’t prefer durability? Buying a crawfish trap in every couple of months can be tiresome. No one wants to waste their money and time on the same product.

And if you are a crawfish lover, then you must consider sturdiness over everything as you are more likely to use it often.

So I would recommend you to pay your attention to the materials used for the trap. You can check the customer review of the traps you intend to buy and see if they recommend it for its durability.

You can also check the material type to be sure about the product by choosing coated metal or steel as these are more likely to last for a longer time.


No one wants to carry large things all day. Even when you are not using it, you would prefer something that will take as little space as possible, right?

So whenever you are to buy a crawfish trap, look for something that will take little space but won’t be small-sized.

So I would recommend you to buy something that can be folded or can be put together to save the space.

You can either buy the traps that have different pieces which you can customize according to your need or you can choose net that has a collapsible feature so that it can be folded in a compact size.


Whether you know it or not- weight matters! You need to pay attention to weight while buying a crawfish trap. Its because it can be a hassle to carry a weighted trap.

If you won’t choose something light weighted, it would be difficult for you to toss the trap into the water and it would also affect the portability of the trap.

But remember that lightweight can thwart the durability. So you need to be cautious to balance the weight with its sturdiness.

Sizes of holes:

What type of crawfish do you want to catch? Bigger ones or smaller ones? If you want to catch any particular size then you need to pay attention to the mesh holes.

If you don’t then bigger ones may not enter through the holes or the smaller ones may easily walk out of the holes.

So I would recommend you to decide your preferred sizes of the crawfish and then buy trap according to it. For bigger ones, choose bigger holes and for smaller ones grab the trap with small holes.

Ease of removing the catch:

Crawfish can be hard to get out of the trap. You cannot just put your hand aimlessly on a bunch of crawfishes. So along with the mechanism of getting them out, the entrance is also important.

You need to choose a trap that has a larger entrance to make the task easier. In the market, you will find traps in one piece or two pieces and so I would recommend you to buy traps that have two parts to get the crawfishes out of the trap easily.


While buying a crawfish trap, you also need to consider how many crawfishes you want to catch. You may want to catch a lot or can be satisfied with fewer crawfishes, it all depends on you.

But I would recommend you to go for the average one so that it can catch a good amount of crawfish and still can be portable.

Remember that an average one can hold a lot of crawfishes if you put it in the water where there is abundant of crawfishes. But it wouldn’t be wise to buy a smaller one.

Check out the latches:

In most of the cases, you will notice that people are complaining about the latches. The latch may be a bit loose or too tight and so you need to pay attention to the condition of the latches otherwise you may lose you catch or a piece of your trap in the water.

I would recommend you to buy extra hooks and use them from the very first day if you cannot rely on the existing latch.


Money cannot ensure the quality, right? You might pay a lot and end up buying trash. So you must pay attention whether it is worth to spend money or not. Pay attention to its functions then match it with the price.


Brands are important. A good brand can save both your time and energy and so check the recommended well-known brands to avoid any kind of bitter experience.


Now you know about the best crawfish traps among the bunch of other traps for crawfish. These traps are good enough to meet your needs and I am sure your experience would be far better after using any of these best traps for crawfish.

You know the best ones, so you just need to find out the suitable one for you. Don’t freak! It’s not another task to search for results, rather ask yourself what you want to prefer as only you know your taste!