Best Fishing Kayak Under $700 – [Top 7 Picks for 2020]

There’s no doubt to the fact that fishing becomes even more enjoyable with a compatible kayak. That’s why so many fishermen and fishing hobby enthusiast would want to go for this watercraft.

To perfectly engage into the thrill you need to look for the best. Today’s article is all about it! I’ll be including seven of my favorite best fishing kayak under $700.

However, my favourite picks a this price range is Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9 Foot (Check Price On amazon) a budget-friendly choice for anglers!

Kayaks in my list are reasonable, comfortable and suits almost anyone’s requirements. So make sure you pay attention to the highlights.

Also, there would be a briefing about how to choose the perfect one for your needs. So let’s get started.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $700

Only you know what feature you need. Have a look on my top 7 mode that I selected. If you are in hurry see our best fishing kayak under 700 dollars:

  1. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak
  2. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak
  3. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey
  4. BKC UH-FK184 9′ Sit on Top Kayak
  5. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS Sit-on-top Kayak
  6. Ocean Kayak Malibu
  7. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Make sure you pick something that goes with your needs more than your fantasies. It’s always a better option to choose one thing based on the basics first.

Then check out for extra capabilities. Here are seven kayak models for the best fishing kayak under $700 title that go well with fishing trips.

1. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak – The Budget-Friendly Choice for Anglers!

The Lifetime Tamarack is a budget-friendly kayak option that you should consider with beautiful construction and optimum UV protection.

It’s a perfect ride with multiple benefits and aids while fishing in any water condition.

It’s a perfect fit for fishing spots such as lakes and rivers. This lightweight kayak gives you the speed you need if you are also a paddler.

For the budget-friendly folks, it’s not a golden deal but perfect for pro kayak riders.

It also comes with front and rear t-handles that will help you to convey the kayak effortlessly.

The kayak gives you a good amount of space to store all your goods. You can easily hold bigger tools like gearbox and other essentials in the place with safety. With the roomy space, it’s even simpler with extra storage.

There are also adjustable seats that come with comfortable paddling support. So it’s a perfect pick for whole day trips for fishing and paddling.

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  • UV Protection Polyethylene Construction
  • Adjustable Padded Seats
  • 2 Flush Mount Holders
  • Storage Compartment
  • Paddle Keeper

2. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak – Best Budget Multi-purpose Dual Kayak!

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado is an excellent choice for fishing conscious folks who care about the budget and can’t afford a really high-end model. It’s the perfect pick for them since it combines both price and quality.

The construction quality includes strong PVC material to makes sure it withstands rugged lake paddling.

There is a tarpaulin bottom that uses nylon cover to make sure there’s no chance of punctures while riding. It gives a super durable finish to the whole design.

Also, the multiple chambers make sure the kayak stays inflated and good to ride even when one chamber is punctured. However, there is no chance of leakage as well thanks to Airtight Technology.

It comes with nice rod holders for carrying your fishing rods with adjustments to make the hands-free fishing piece of cake.

Also, there are holders for the paddle as well in case you wish to take the kayak for lake paddling. With easy inflammation, defamation, huge mesh storage, and secure performance, it’s one of the finest choices for any fisherman.

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  • D-Rings
  • Safe Trolling Motor
  • Convenient Holders.
  • No Leakage Guarantee
  • Multiple Chamber.
  • 18-gauge PVC Construction & Tarpaulin Bottom.

3. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak – Easy Paddling in Lakes & Rivers!

The Sun Dolphin Journey is a ten inches kayak that goes well with fishing activities and minor paddling fantasies.

It’s a quality kayak that provides strong built in and nice usability for any user from any age.

With P.A.C. the storage facility is also a huge benefit. You can have all your tools with you for a long day fishing. The kayak is capable to hold almost 250 pounds of weight.

However, because of this weight, stability is a bit questioned. The weight cannot give you enough firmness that you need to not tip over the boat.

There’s one swivel fishing rod holder to help you out with hand free fishing. Also, you get two flush mounts.

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  • Lightweight Design.
  • 250 Pounds Capacity.
  • A.C Facility.
  • 2 Flush Mounts
  • 1 Rod Holder

4. BKC UH-FK184 9′ Sit on Top Kayak – The Single Fishing Kayak with Convenient Seat And Paddle Bundle!

The beautiful BKC UH-FK184 kayak comes in two really pretty shades and a mind-blowing design to suit almost any water environment. It’s a budget friendly package you should try which comes with convenient seats and paddles.

The kayak allows the user to use the utmost quality paddling with five rod holders. So you can imagine how much easy fishing in this model would be.

Also, storage is totally waterproof. Which means whatever gears or essentials you take with you, they are safe from getting wet.

It comes with a convenient paddle pack facility as well. There is absolutely no chance of losing your paddle between fishing sessions.

The cargo area that’s located in the back comes with easy bungee straps. Also, there is a total of four carrying handles, so portability is also on point.

The only issue is the speed. It’s quite stable and maybe because of that, the speed isn’t enough fast. However, that’s hardly a problem when the need is for a fishing kayak.

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  • Storage Facility with Water Resistance.
  • Convenient Paddle Packs.
  • 5 Rod Holders & 4 Carry Handles.
  • Huge Rear Cargo Area.


5. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS Sit-on-top Kayak – The Exceptional; 10-Foot Kayak with Six Beach Friendly Shade Options!

Sun Dolphin Bali SS is a really inexpensive kayak that goes well with any water activity with its nice construction quality and design. The six beautiful color options each looks beautiful!

The price varies according to the shade you pick but are almost closer to each other. It’s still one of the perfect picks for budget-friendly kayaking.

The huge and supportive seating is also a great plus point in this excellent kayak. It comes with extra caring thigh pads for long time fishing in the water.

This kayak is a flawless fit for paddlers also who go for activities in lakes or rivers. It gives whole day support with its innovative paddling design and ease of use.

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  • A.C for Better Storage.
  • A River & Lake Friendly Design.
  • Easy To Carry.
  • Huge Seats That Are Comfortable.
  • Protective Thigh Pads Included.

6. Ocean Kayak Malibu – The Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak!

Malibu is a well-known model from ocean kayak that comes with a huge versatile application on the water with outstanding comfortable seats to have a whole day trip.

The kayak comes with a nice weight capacity of 375 to 425 pounds at one time. This means you can easily accommodate two people and a child inside.

It’s one of the best picks for families who go fishing together.

The seating positions are really comfortable for fishing and also there are two in quantity. The molded-in seat wells are a good addition for added versatility.

Other noticeable factors in this kayak are the gear straps, molded-in handles for easy portability, skid plates, and foot wells.

The hull design will allow you to keep all your fishing gears in one place with nice storage facility. It’s super comfortable no matter how long your legs are.

It’s surely one of the deserving nominees to win the title for the best fishing kayak under $700.

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  • Dual Kayak for Fishing.
  • Patented Design For Foot Wells.
  • Molded-In Handles For Easy Portability.
  • 2 Comfort Plus Seating.
  • Convenient Hull & Deck Design.

7. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak – The Deluxe Package Ride!

Sea Eagle 330 is the most popular dual seat kayak in our list that checks both boxes for price and ease.

It’s a well-built kayak that gives you flawless stability and performance on the water.

The kayak comes with only 26 pounds weight which gives the user better control for maneuvering it.

Also, the weight capacity is almost 500 pounds. So easily two people will fit inside this beautiful looking inflatable kayak.

This deluxe kayak also comes with front and rear seats that are comfortable. It also includes two oars, foot pump, spray skirts, and a portable bag.

The whole set of accessories give you the feel of a complete kayak which surely would initiate your mood of going fishing in it right after you get it.

This deal is quite safe with a three years’ manufacturer’s warranty coming your way as well. Overall it’s a convenient choice to make for fishing and other activities.

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  • 9 Inch Tubes.
  • Puncture Resistance Design.
  • 500 Pound Weight Capacity.
  • Carry Bag Included.
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Choosing The Best Fishing Kayak Under $700

So now we know there are quite a few good options to get nominated for best fishing kayak under $700. How do you make a choice?

Especially when everything looks nice and perfect. Sometimes this happens, you become confused and making one firm decision becomes troublesome.

No matter if you are looking for the best fishing kayak under 500 dollars or even more inexpensive, best fishing kayak under 300 dollars, a few things are always the same.

There are a few factors that should always be present in a fishing kayak. So look out for these. Here are a few important ones discussed well.

A Suitable Design

There are two design options that you’ll see when looking for fishing kayaks. One is the SOT type and the other is the SINK. The first one is sit on top kayak.

These are better in flexibility with holes on it known as scuppers. These holes will help you to have better water shedding. Also, the storage and body positioning comfort is much better in SOTs.

If I have to be clearer, SOTs are the flawless choice for fishing. There would be so many occasions where you could get wet with the water coming up through the scuppers.

Particularly when your weight is almost similar to the boat’s weight. However, you can buy additional scupper plugs to solve out the hassle.

Ease of Riding

You should care about your comfort. Fishing will need time and you would be sitting for a somewhat long period on the kayak you get.

So try to choose something that comes with adjustable footrest. Also, try to look for seats that provide cushioning support.

It should be high enough from the hull to ignore getting wet. Some kayaks even arrange for removable seats.

You can easily have a replacement to get comfortable seating of your choice. When you pick molded plastic seats try to add two cushions. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Balance On Water

Fishing might need you to stand on the kayak sometimes. So if the kayak is not enough stable, you know what can happen. So never neglect to check for stability.

A good sign that a kayak is stable is its width. Of course, the overall design will also be in charge of its stability. When you go for offshore fishing or go in high winds, you might need a good length kayak.

Better Track

Always go for a kayak that is long and thin. These have the capability to float faster and give better tractability. Also, these are good at staying in one line. Avoid the ones that spin in a circle.

There are even a few fishing kayaks that offer rudder. Some will also come with skeg or keel. These are basically fins that get bigger into the water. It stays beneath the kayak and lets the flow be straight and stable.

Helpful Add-Ons

Fishing kayaks usually come with some necessary accessories. However not every brand will offer them.

A few come with rod holder, cup holder, and deck mounts and anchor systems. These extra benefits make the trip even more convenient for its rider.

Some even come with fish finders and GPS. However, be sure that the extras are never a blockage for the overall performance.

There are so many kayaks that would add everything in it but become so bulky that you can’t move freely and have a good performance. Avoid those.

Usable Storage

Fishing kayaks should have some good storage options. The best fishing kayak under $700 will give you a nice area to hold and store your useful fishing tackles.

Some come with plenty of anchor points, some give huge, sealed and dry storage compartments.

Always be sure to check the maximum capacity. Try to find something that gives you 250 lbs. to 500 lbs. storage support depending on your needs.

Most of the time a higher capacity is important when you plan to go for a multi-day fishing trip or have a huge amount of gears to take with you.

Good Propulsion

If you are not against pedals than you may get this feature included. This usually gives you a better opportunity to steer and fish.

Also, there is less pain when you travel for a longer distance. You just need a light trolling motor.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible For Me to Fish from a Kayak since I Have Never Done Kayaking?

Anyone can try fish kayaking. It’s super simple. Even when you have the most inexpensive sets of a kayak, rod and reel cast, you can get into the water for some fishing.

Fishing kayaks come in a lot of size options. So no matter what size preference you have for comfort, there would be many options that you can choose from.

What Happens When I Tip Over?

If you have a better sense of keeping your head down the mid line of your kayak, this hardly happens.

However, there might be occasions when you go fishing at a swimming distance. In that case, it’s better to learn methods on getting back to shore.

So if you are a mere beginner, have some practice session with the kayak in a pond, lake or pool. Try flipping it back over and get back in. Do these practices and you’ll be habitual to it.

One good tip is to always flip the kayak back over the end. Never do so from the sides.

Is Fish Kayaking Uncomfortable?

If you go for a cheap model of fish kayak, then probably yes. There would be some discomfort with those. However, if you devote your money for a quality version, then seats are quite comfortable.

Once you feel like sitting in a comfortable position there will be no such thing as discomfort. Especially for all day trips. There are a lot of options for the best fishing kayak under $700 that comes with superior comfort.

When Should I Buy Tandem?

You should be ready for most circumstances with your kayak. If you don’t have a fishing partner who is forever there with you then you need one.

This is even more important to get when you are planning to make your kid learn about fish kayaking. They will defiantly need these.

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