Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak Review: Best Fishing Ride for Your Bucks!

So kayaking is your hobby? You love taking your favorite kayak and ride it on the water whenever there is time. Well, high five, that’s the same with me too.

I totally love kayaks and water rides. My pastime goes well with fishing on the river in a kayak.

If you are here it’s most probably because you want to know about one of the best in the bucks’ kayak choice available in market these days. It’s the Lifetime Tahoma 100.

How does it can be a great deal for your money and why should you choose it, we’ll talk about everything in this lifetime Tahoma 100 kayak review today. So, keep on reading!

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Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak Features

Suitable ForFishing
Weight Capacity275 Pounds
Storage HatchYes
PriceCheck Here

Fishing Ride!

I love catching fishes on the river and lakes. There are a lot of folks out there who enjoy and share the same passion, I believe. But doing it on a kayak sounds so much fun. Fish kayaking can give you a great thrill while catching different types of aggressive fishes.

The Lifetime Tahoma 100 is an excellent choice for the deal. It comes with excellent stability that can keep you distraction-free while you seat and focus on your catches. This excellent kayak comes with comfortable stability to make sure you never lose balance.

Even when someone stands up for catches, the kayak can easily control the balancing and keep the rider safe. So, it’s really a pro-choice for people looking into kayaks that fit right within stability performance.

Suits Maximum Water Conditions!

The kayak comes with a really convenient design. This makes it work under so many water situations. With saltwater or deep water, you can easily use the kayak for fishing and other sports. This excellent water ride also gives you great performance when you decide to paddle in unstill water.

It’s a very nice choice for those who like to go fishing in different rivers and lakes. This kayak can easily settle down in various water environments. It’s completely safe and suits your activities without making a fuss midway.

That’s a plus you might be looking for, especially if you are a fisherman for unlimited water sites.

Fabulous Design!

The kayak is a beauty! It comes with a mind striking lime shade. It’s sure to catch people’s attention and give you a stylish aura around you. This water ride is suitable to take with friends. You can show off your great taste in colors because lime is basically everyone’s favorite summer shade.

Along with the marvelous color, it also comes with a convenient design. The 120 inches kayak comes with a nice shape to easily float on water. You are going to enjoy the safest ride without worrying about the sudden trip over.

It’s okay to be a little saggy while you ride it, this kayak won’t simply wiggle and fall you off the ride. Amazing, right?

Paddles Included!

One thing that I totally love about this kayak is it comes with a paddle. Of course, I don’t want to praise a lot about the paddle’s quality. It’s not that good, to be honest. But for the price, I can think about getting a spare with the main ride. This is awesome.

Know we sometimes go for buying an extra paddle to store it just in case there is an emergency. You can simply think it that way.

Get yourself a quality paddle for riding it and let the included paddles work as the spare ones. For the price, it’s something you won’t complain but be thankful for. Also, the paddles are dual. This means you can use it on both sides and speed up your paddling game by driving both ways.

High-Density Material!

The superior quality kayak comes with high-density polyethylene construction. We all know how flexible the material can be. It is one of the finest choices for durable kayak manufacturing. Lifetime Tahoma 100 also includes UV stabilization with the material.

It can go through several rugged usages and still stay the same. It is truly a fighter against minor bumps and cracks. I think for the price; most users will feel more than enough for durability.

Comfortable Seat!

Lifetime Tahoma 100 is basically a one-seat kayak. It comes with enough flexibility and comfort to keep you well for hours of fishing and riding. So, for a day out on a fish trip, this excellent water ride can save you a lot of stress. It’s going to avoid any neck pain or discomfort while enjoying the activity.

There are also cords along with seat to keep you safe on the place.


Along with the excellent features, one more great thing about Lifetime Tahoma 100 is the fact that it’s totally lightweight. This fifty pounds kayak is quite easy to carry and take to shore or water. You can do it all by yourself without much problem.

Because of the weight, many will start to assume the weight capacity must be really low. But here’s a surprise. It can handle around 275 pounds of weight. That’s quite great for a solo trip along with the stuff you take for your particular activity I believe.


The kayak comes with a lot of storage option and so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything back which a be important. It comes with a six inches storage hatch system. This is located in the cockpit.

You can easily store stuff here that you don’t wish to get wet. Also, you can easily put stuff on the back. There are front and rear shock cords available. These are quite friendly to use for storing your gears in place while you paddle.

The weight capacity is compatible with quite tool fitting with the kayak. So, your rides are going to get smooth with all the essentials right alongside you.

  • The kayak is an excellent choice for river, lakes and other water.
  • It comes with great stability to stay well
  • It can track right no matter what water condition.
  • The kayak is extremely lightweight for easy portability.
  • The weight capacity is quite good.
  • This kayak is an excellent choice for fishing and most quiet activities.
  • There is enough storage option available within.
  • It comes with paddle and paddle keeper both.
  • There are T-handles included with the kayak.
  • The material quality is really high.
  • It comes with UV stabilization.
  • The paddle quality isn’t really good.
  • The speed is not fast enough.

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It’s almost the end for today’s lifetime Tahoma 100 kayak review. Are you still confused whether or not you should get the kayak? I hope you are not because it’s surely a perfect budget watercraft for anyone.

But if you are not a person that likes activities such as fishing and want to try something with too much speed then look for something else.

However, for the price, there is no doubt this is one of the best option available right now. Do some more research and make your decision right. Good Luck!