Best Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout – [Top 7 Picks]

Looking for the best one but don’t have the time to look for it? Don’t worry, just go for the Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod as it has always been my favourite one and of course a reliable one too!

As an angler, I think you already know why you need to be specific about fishing gears. Different fishing spots may require different gears and obviously, ice fishing is challenging enough and it requires the best rod to specific. And yes lake trout is not easy to catch and so you need the best rod to fight for it.

Here you will get to know about some best ice fishing rods for trout fishing that will make your fishing experience a lot easier as you don’t have to test it yourself!

Here you will also know about things that you should consider while buying an ice fishing rod for lake trout.

1. Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod is one of the best ice fishing rods for lake trout. It is made of stainless steel that provides a top-end quality for ice fishing. It is mainly famous for its quality that you may not find in other fishing rods.

The quality of this product is proved by the experienced anglers as you are very likely to hear this product’s name. go for fishing on ice and you will surely see the Aetos are on the lips of many anglers.

Its graphite body is quite sensitive that will make your fishing experience more comfortable. This 25-inch rod will easily help you to detect the nibbles to turn these into fast hook sets. It is ultra-fast and thin but will meet your needed strength. You will not face any trouble to catch the big fish.

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What we like most:

  • Very sensitive that helps to detect the nibbles
  • Strong enough for bigger fish
  • Comfortable cork handle
  • Good quality
  • Beautiful construction

What could be better:

  • An extra guide would be better
  • May seem a little stiffer than expected

2. Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Rod

Fiblink 2 piece saltwater spinning rod is another best one that deserves to be in this list. When you think about the best ice fishing rod, you definitely think about something that is tough and strong enough to fight the fish.

This rod is constructed with tough and strong solid carbon that not only increases sensitivity to easily detect the nibbles but also gives an improved performance. It is a 2-piece 7 inch potable rod that you can carry anywhere without any hassle.

Its lightweight allows you to take it without feeling like you are carrying something big all day. It has smooth stainless steel guides protect it from corrosion. It also has aluminium alloy reel and hoods that are corrosion resistant so you don’t have to think about its protection that much.

Its high-density EVA handle and foregrip ensure a comfortable fish catching and so you can catch the bigger ones without much trouble.

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What we like most:

  • Strong enough to catch big fish
  • Very sensitive and so you can detect the nibbles easily
  • Corrosion proof reel seat, hoods and stainless steel guides
  • Comfortable handle and foregrip
  • Flexible tip

What could be better:

  • Sharp edges may give small cuts if you are not careful
  • The first guide may seem small

3. Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Fishing Spinning Rod is the best ice fishing rod that you will find at cheapest cost with high standard. If you want quality at the cheapest price, Fenwick Elite Tech Ice would be the best choice for you.

It is a top-end rod that gives an impressive performance. It has a graphite blank that is quite strong and sensitive to let you detect the nibbles easily. Even when you will fish deep you will notice bumps quite easily.

This 25-inch rod is ultralight that has fast action and strength to catch the big fish. Even when you will have hard fights, it will accompany you as a strong partner. Its cork handle is also nice and comfortable even after hours of jigging.

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What we like most:

  • Extremely sensitive to help you detect nibbles
  • Very strong that helps to catch big fish easily
  • Has a nice handle
  • Cheap price
  • Well built ice fishing pole

What could be better:

  • Eyelets may seem little small for ice fishing
  • May seem a little long

4. Fiblink 1-Piece Conventional Boat Rod

As you already know Fiblink produces good gears but still, Fiblink 1-Piece Conventional Boat Rod deserves extra complement.

This 1 piece conventional boat rod is great for fishing lake trout. It has a solid construction with carbon and glass-reinforced material that improved its performance a lot.

It has great pulling power with solid glass fibre construction that enhances its strength and provides excellent sensitivity.

You will easily get to know about the nibbles without any trouble. Its ceramic guides make it so smooth that you don’t need to worry about stuck line.

You will notice that the guides are very precisely aligned to the bottom of the spine to make hasslefree fishing. Its high-density EVA handles and butt grips ensure comfort. This EVA grips are durable and lightweight, so it gives comfort.

It has a multi-purpose hook holder and has an extreme exposure reel seat that adds comfort in your fishing experience.

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What we like most:

  • Has solid construction
  • Very sensitive
  • Has high-quality smooth guides
  • Durable EVA grips
  • Takes little space

What could be better:

  • The handle may seem long
  • May seem a little heavyweight

5. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

Shakespeare Ugly stik is gaining a reputation for a long time for ice fishing. It is mainly famous for its toughness that can stand repeated iteration. This rod can give you amazing fishing experience as its especially suited for ice applications.

This ugly stik blank is genuine with a clear tip design. It is sensitive enough to detect the slightest strikes so know the type of the fish because if a big fish is hooked, your rod will not give in before your line. If you want to know how it reacts with different nibbles, you can spool 6-pound test easily.

This Ugly Stik is also appreciated for its strength. It is strong enough to fight big catch especially lake trout. It has four primary stainless steel guides that are corrosion resistant. It also has an EVA foam handle that is soft but durable.

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What we like most:

  • Very sensitive
  • Durable enough to last long
  • Has a good and comfortable handle
  • Has four good guides
  • Strong enough to catch big ones

What could be better:

  • May give an average refined feel
  • May make little noise

6. Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod – 4-Piece Graphite Travel Fishing Rod

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 4-Piece is a great rod for ice fishing, especially lake trout. It has a solid carbon fibre construction that improved its performance. It has extraordinary toughness that is also good for boat fishing.

It is sensitive and its ceramic guide mixed with stainless steel gives such smoothness that easily escapes stuck line in guides. It also minimizes friction that helps long casting and also enhances its sensitivity so that you can easily detect slightest strikes.

T has a non-slip rubber tube handle that ensures maximum strength and durability. It provides an excellent combination of design and performance that is worth its price.

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What we like most:

  • Good performance-action
  • Very sensitive
  • Strong enough to catch big
  • Guides are smooth enough to avoid line stuck
  • Durable

What could be better:

  • travel bag could be better
  • may seem little less beefy than 3 piece blink

7. St Croix Avid Glass Panfish Ice Rod

St. Croix makes nice ice rods but St Croix Avid Glass Panfish Ice Rod is one of the best ice fishing rods for lake trout. Though it is exceptionally used to catch panfish, its quality is good enough to fall for it.

It is a great fibreglass rod that you can find at a reasonable price. You will not regret to pay for it as it is highly sensitive and shows good strength when you go for the larger ones. It fights well and is always handy when you want the best ice fishing rods.

This rod comes in several lengths and makes it easier for you to choose your needed one. Everyone has their own preferences and so you are free to choose the right one if you are already experienced in ice fishing.

Its guides are lightweight with stainless steel and you will especially love the tip as it is quite fast and is bright orange coloured so that you can easily see it.

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What we like most:

  • Has sensitive and comfortable carbon handles
  • Lightweight stainless guides are corrosion resistant
  • Strong enough to fight
  • Reasonable price
  • Has extreme flex solid glass blank

What could be better:

  • Better for small lake trout

Choosing A Ice Fishing Rod For Lake Trout

Ice fishing season always attracts the lake trout lovers. But lake trout do require specific types of gear to fall for.

If you are targeting lake trout you need to choose the correct type of rod and reel for it. It is the most important part of fishing- choosing the right gear!

You need to consider the following facts while buying ice fishing rods for lake trout.


Everyone has their own preference about length but still, the length is an important factor and you need to consider it carefully.

But you also need to think whether you are going to use any shelter while ice fishing or not because lake trout fishing can contradict your comfort.

If you are using any shelter then you should not buy the longer rods. But longer rods are good for trout fishing. So you need to pick the longest rod that would be suitable to use in your shelter to comfortably catch lake trout.

So if you are not going to fish under any shelter, buy the longest one! Usually, the 28-inch rod is the minimum length that you can buy for lake trout. 32-inch rods are considered as standard one but the 42-inch rod will work great for lake trout fishing.


Power is another important thing for lake trout fishing. You at least need to buy a medium action rod to catch lake trout.

If you are targeting small lake trouts, then medium powered rod would work well. If not, then go for medium/heavy or heavy powered rod for big ones.

Usually, adult lake trout is big and heavy so it would be safer for you to buy heavier power for lake trout fishing.


You need a fast action rod to catch lake trout. Usually, you would opt for jigging and it needs a fast action to catch the fish.

If you will go for a slower action, it will reduce your success rate of hook set. But with fast action would be ready to strike with force to ensure your success.


You also need to consider sensitivity while buying a rod. If you can detect the nibbles easily you will lose your catch and get irritated.

The sensitivity of your rod can also help you know whether it’s a bigger catch or not and obviously it matters for your quick response.

If you are a skilled angler graphite rod would be your first choice for sure even though they are brittle compared to other materials. But as a beginner, fibreglass would be best for you as they are quite durable.

Comfortable handle:

Lake trout is heavy and so you need to pull them hard to be successful. So you need to pick a rod that would ensure comfort while fighting the fish.

So before buying an ice fishing rod, check the handle whether it is comfortable for you or not.


As you already went through it, you don’t need to worry about the best product. Lake trout is a big fish and it can be quite challenging to catch it.

So you need to prepare yourself well with the right gear, otherwise, your fishing experience will not amuse you.

So just know your need and preference and pick the one that matches the most and then you will be all ready for lake trout fishing!