Is Fishing Expensive to Get Started in? – Beginners Cost

Fishing seems a simple activity but those who don’t fish have no idea about fishing cost. They often think that you just need a rod and some lures to go fishing.

But the irony is the same people set back from fishing when they start to learn about fishing from their friends or any other anglers.

They start to notice how many types of equipment they need for fishing and obviously, they have this question in their mind,

Is fishing expensive to get started in?Well, fishing is expensive. But if you are a beginner and want to try whether fishing is actually your thing or not, you don’t need to spend a lot. In fact, you can buy your essential gears only within 100 dollars. As a starter just keeps in the mind what type of fish you want to get before buying your tackle as the types can vary your total cost.

What do you need as a beginner?

There are certain things that you need for fishing. Fishing tackle consists of various items and it is not something that you can do with a single item. But still, there are some essentials that can help you work just fine.


The fishing rod is the first thing that comes in our mind when we want to fish. You definitely need a fishing rod for fishing, because it is the main thing on which you are going to catch fish. There are various types of rods in the fishing tackle that are used for different types of fishes.

As you are an entry level angler, you can easily get an entry level rod within 20-40 bucks. You just need to decide what type of fish you are going to catch and find the entry level rod according to it. You can get an ultralight rod for trout or a medium rod for comparatively heavy fishes.

But if you want to get a versatile one from the beginning, you can get it for 60-100 bucks. It all depends on your preference and the type of fish you want to catch.


Well, the reel is another thing you are going to need for fishing. You cannot alter it with anything else. It is a staple that you need to keep your lines out and in from the water. It helps you to get your fish on the shore.

Like rods, it has different sizes and shapes that are used for different types of fishes. So again you need to consider what fish you want to catch before buying a reel. You also need to consider the rod you are buying as you have to adjust it with the rod.

If you buy an ultralight rod then you can choose a 1000 series reel that will only cost you 50 bucks. But if you bought a medium rod then you have to buy a 2000 series rod that will cost you more. But who cares? You are going to get bigger fish right?

But always remember that you are going to get what you pay for. If you want something smoother with great action and power you have to upgrade your reels and rods.

Other accessories:

Fishing rod and reel are the most expensive one on a fishing tackle. You need some other items that are essential but you can get them at a very lower price.

Fishing line:

You cannot fish without fishing lines. So you must need lines for fishing. Fishing lines also depend on the fishes you are going the catch. As a beginner, you should buy lines that are simple and inexpensive.

You need 4-6 pound line for trout fishing and 8-12 pound test for bass fishing. There are various types of fishing lines. You can buy monofilament, braided or fluorocarbon fishing lines as a starter. These lines are inexpensive and will save you a lot before you become an experienced angler.


There are a wide variety of fishing hooks. Hooks are needed to hook the fish. They are cheap and as a beginner, you can buy plenty of hooks according to your need. Just ask the tackle owner to guide you for your preferred fish.


You also need sinker for fishing. Sinkers help your bait to reach the bottom where the fishes are. They are basically weights. You need sinkers for some baits as some baits do not sink in the water.


Depending on your preferred fish bobber are used. When you know what type of fish you are going to catch and you also know where you will find them, bobbers will help you to relax. When you set the bait and wait for the fish to be hooked, bobbers will give you signals when a fish is hooked by submerging into the water.


You also need swivels for your lures. As you are a beginner, it would be hard for you to knot new lures. Fishes can be picky and there is no guarantee that fish will bite the same bait every time. You need to use different lures and so you need swivels.


What did you think? You will get fishes without feeding them? Well, you need lures and baits depending on the fishes you want to catch. There a lot of variety in baits. you can get a pack within ten dollars. Even some packs can be bought in a few dollars. You need different types of baits before heading to fishing.

For trout, you can use salmon eggs or power baits. you will find them in various colours.

Artificial lures:

There are tons of artificial lures available in the market. Some fishes prefer live baits and some can be caught with artificial ones. You have to determine what type of fish you want and set the bait according to it.

There are straight worms, curly tail worms, shad and brush hogs that are really popular among expert anglers. You can also buy frogs, jerk baits, swimbaits within around 8 dollars.


Licence is a must for fishing. But as you are a beginner might not know how whether you are going to like fishing or not. A yearly licence costs 30-40 bucks but I don’t think you should go for it in the first try. You can choose the following options to lessen your expense and try for the long term option when you are sure about it.

Free fishing days:

There are free fishing days in some states. If you want to fish in these days find them out according to your state. You can check them on their websites or can get information by calling them.

Daily or Weekly Pass:

If you are lucky then your state must offer daily or weekly pass for fishing. Find them out and grab the opportunity.

Private lakes:

You can fish in private lakes at a very lower price. You can also take advantage of this option if you are able to.


Every habit requires some cost. Fishing is one of the costly sport that is very popular regardless of its expense. Once you find the fun and pleasure in fishing you will less likely look at the expenses.