What Is The Best Bluefin Tuna Reels And How To Catch Them?

Catching Bluefin tuna is not an easy task as other fishing. Their large size body has a weight of 300 to 1000 plus pound.

Also, their good swim ability and fighting nature made them hard to catch and get them in your boat.

But don’t fear, they are not catch proof. All you need is enough stamina and well prepared equipment like rod, reel and good boat etc to catch them easily by yourself.

So in this article I am going to share with you my pro tips on what reels do you need for bluefin tuna and how to catch Bluefin tuna.

Top 5 Bluefin Tuna Reels

Here I am providing 5 best bluefin tuna reels that most of angler use who loves to go this type big fish.

  1. Shimano Talica (Check Price On Amazon)
  2. Penn International V ( Check Price On Amazon)
  3. Tika ST Series  (Check Price On Amazon)
  4. Avet EXW50  – (Check Price On Amazon)
  5. Fin-Nor Santiago  (Check Price On Amazon)

How to Catch A Bluefin Tuna

Here I am going to share you step by step process of catching Bluefin tuna. So stay connected to the last. Let’s start

Choose the Right Place

You can’t find Bluefin tuna near to the shore. They are deep sea fish so you have to go deep in the sea but not any place only go there where they are available.

Fishing in deep sea is always risky. So if you don’t choose the right place where you can get easily backup you may fall in trouble.

So before going Bluefin tuna fishing must research your fishing place and keep enough safety backup. I generally prefer not to go alone for Bluefin trip.

Choose the Right Boat Size

You already know how much weight a Bluefin tuna can be. If your boat is not enough heavy to handle them then you will in trouble.

I never prefer to go for Bluefin tuna with a small size boat. Every time you go for this huge type fish you must need a good size boat.

Your boat should have enough size deck where you can pull Bluefin tuna easily. Also you need enough size storage to store them if you want to see them fresh when you are in home or market.

So be sure to choose enough size boat that are able to handle Bluefin tuna.

Setup The Bait And Hook

For catching Bluefin tuna need a big size live bait. You have to hook through the nose of live bait. To get perfect setup place all the bait in different depth position of water.

For avoiding tangled line you can firstly setup the sallowest line then start placing the deepest line.

Next cut a bait in 3-4 piece to make chum slick and toss them constantly around to your bait in every half to one minute.

Next you have to keep a distance between you boat and bait. To do this you need setup the balloon that will keep the bait far from boat

Change the bait depth in different place if you are not finding any catch on there. Bluefin generally stays on 20-30 foot depth.

Hooking The Bluefin Tuna

If you hooked a Bluefin tuna the next task is to get it on your boat. Here the process for pulling tuna on boat.

Now how to know that you hooked a Bluefin or not?

The tactics is easy, if your balloon popped up and line is getting off from your reel on heavy speed and rod is bent enough than it will definitely a Bluefin.

Go to your rod and pull it on your hand from handle. Also keep the rod tip pointing to the Bluefin tuna. Remember always hand gloves before pulling the rod and reel.

Reminder don’t start pulling the line at first but make sure that the line stayed on tout.

Next start your boat engine. To clear the boat deck make sure you released the anchor ball.

Keep the line at 45 degree point to fish and start pulling the line. Try to keep the fish beside your boat and never loosen the reel drag.

When you pull the Bluefin on top water then try to bring it as much as closer to the boat so that you can easily harpoon on it.

Once you harpooned the Bluefin the task is almost complete. The only thing will remain is pull it on the boat.